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How To Remove Collections From Credit Report | Remove Collections and Charges in Five Steps

Having collections on your credit report hurts your credit score. But don't worry, you can fix it! By removing those collections, you can boost your credit and make it easier to get loans and credit cards.

There are different ways to do it, depending on your situation. Let's talk about how to get rid of collections from your credit report.

Learn how to remove collections from your credit report with this helpful guide.

I'll show you the steps to take to get those collection accounts off your report.

Step 1

Get your Free Report | Check your Credit Report Carefully

Why: You need to see what collection accounts are listed and ensure the information is accurate.

If you're getting calls or letters about overdue bills, it could mean they're showing up on your credit report.

To start fixing it, check your credit report carefully. Luckily, did you know you could access your credit online?

You can Request Your Credit Reports by simply going here:

Step 2

Verify the Collection Accounts

  • Why:  Collection accounts can contain errors. You only want to dispute legitimate debts.

  • Action:  Carefully review each collection entry. Look for inconsistencies like:

  • Wrong name or address

  • Incorrect date of delinquency

  • Amount owed mismatch

  • Account you don't recognize

  • Tip:  If you find errors, gather proof like receipts, cancelled checks, or payment confirmations.

Step 3

Dispute, Dispute & Dispute | FIGHT BACK

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) is your weapon! If you find mistakes, dispute them online with the credit bureaus. Include clear details of the error and any proof you have gathered from Step 2.

Here's where to go if you want to dispute and remove any false collections: |

Step 4

Patience is KEY

Why:  Disputes can take up to 30 days for the credit bureaus to investigate.

Action:  Follow up with the credit bureaus if you don't hear back within that timeframe.  Remember, even superheroes need patience!  Keep checking your reports for updates.

Step 5

Celebrate Your Success! 

You tackled those collections and improved your credit score!

Additional Support?

I’m Sherry Beckley. I’ve been helping thousands of individuals just like you with their credit in various forms.

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